high quality chemical products

Our offer:

Our product range includes a complete program of

Services covering all aspects of chemistry:
Filling of liquid products from tank trucks to containers, canisters or drums.
Mixing of liquids and solids according to specified recipes
Contract manufacturing of cleaners and intermediates
Storage, commissioning and other logistics services
Raw and auxiliary materials for many applications:
alcohols, amines, aromatics, carboxylic acids, emulsifiers, defoamers, esters, ester mixtures, ethers, solids, glycols, hydroxides, cold cleaners, ketones, hydrocarbons, corrosion protection additives, metal-organic compounds, wetting agents, cleaners, salts inorganic, salts organic, acid amides, lubricant additives, surfactants, and many more.

We are proud to inform that we have implemented and maintain a Quality Management System.
An audit, documented in a report, has verified that this quality management system fulfils the requirements of the following standards:

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice)
Welcome to SysKem Chemie GmbH !

Achieving more together:

We believe that open communication and transparency in cooperation lead to results that benefit everyone involved. Whether it's simplifying processes, bundling forces in logistics or securing the supply of raw materials – many things can be better solved together. Every customer is different, so we are convinced that it is better to find individual solutions together.
The better we know your requirements – and you know our possibilities – the more successful our cooperation will be! Bring in your ideas and goals, and we will work together with you to achieve them!

This is what you get:

Reduce the delivery time of your raw materials from weeks or even months to a few days.
Reduce your stock without compromising delivery reliability.
Benefit from the flexible possibilities of SysKem Chemie in the areas of import, storage, filling, handling and transport of chemical products.
Work with us to optimize the costs and processes of the supply chain and improve supply security through supply chain transparency.
Take part in networks from which all participants benefit. These networks of consumers, manufacturers, logistics partners and others can also benefit you.

How we work for you:

Fairness, flexibility, competence and reliability are part of our corporate philosophy and are indispensable prerequisites for the trust of our customers and our joint success.

The long-term joint success through our work for you as a partner in the market is our highest goal. This requires transparency in communication, clear rules in the treatment of common interests and the security of your data and business secrets. In order to ensure delivery reliability, consistently high quality standards and thus production for our customers, we maintain close cooperation with our suppliers.

Together with you, we define the requirements for the secure supply of your raw materials and adapt our processes and documents to your needs. The extraordinary flexibility of SysKem Chemie GmbH enables rapid adaptation to changing customer requirements and fast reaction times to special developments in order to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers.

We have been successful in the chemical market for more than 20 years and have extensive knowledge of how to handle chemical products. As a service provider for the chemical industry, we have acquired knowledge and networks that you can use. Constant learning is an important part of our work.

In order to guarantee you delivery reliability and continuity, we strive for long-term business relationships. The intensive cultivation of contacts is a responsible task, and to achieve this we take the path of partnership with customers and suppliers.

What we promise, we keep.
Contracts, deadlines, quality agreements are kept and any deviations are consistently monitored.

Write with us on our delivery program!
We can also supply you with products that are not currently in our product range. In addition to the products on our website, we already have many additional articles that we regularly procure, fill, mix or produce for our customers. Our service and our qualified, personal advice ensure that you receive the optimum solution for your application.

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