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We believe that open communication and transparency in cooperation lead to results that benefit everyone involved. Whether it's simplifying processes, bundling forces in logistics or securing the supply of raw materials – many things can be better solved together.

How we work for you:

Together with you, we define the requirements for the services to be provided and adapt our processes and documents to your needs. The extraordinary flexibility of SysKem Chemie GmbH allows us to adapt quickly to changing customer requirements and enables us to develop individual solutions for our customers.

Our offer:

Procurement logistics:
We are also happy to take over the procurement, storage and delivery of your chemical raw materials as required. Imports from overseas are carried out professionally for you and relieve you of the formalities. This ranges from transparent support for your suppliers, on-time deliveries throughout Europe, even in small quantities, and warehousing, to changes in packaging.

We would be pleased to store your raw materials or finished products for you, label and carry out neutralization and commissioning. Liquid products can be stored in tank containers, IBCs, drums and other containers of your choice. We store solids in lidded drums, sacks or BigBags on pallets. Take advantage of the flexible possibilities offered by SysKem Chemie in the areas of import, storage, filling, handling and transport of chemical products.

SysKem Chemie GmbH carries out packaging changes for you: Filling of liquids from tank trucks into containers, drums or canisters Transfer of solids into drums, bags or barrels. Filling of liquids, solids and also pasty products into small containers 10ml to 1 ltr.

We offer to prepare mixtures of solvents, additives, wetting agents, esters and hydrocarbons according to your recipes. These mixtures can be produced in small mixing containers starting from 500 litres. Larger batches up to 20,000 litres are mixed in isotanks or in mixing containers, which are provided according to the product and requirements. The raw materials to be processed can be provided by you or procured by us according to your specifications.

Contract manufacturing:
By using free capacities at our partners at home and abroad, we have the possibility of carrying out a wide variety of contract productions of the highest quality. Compliance with the strictest quality requirements and maximum discretion are guarantees for your safety.


You have a small tank, but your supplier only delivers in complete tank trucks?
We take the delivery in complete tank trucks to our warehouse and then deliver the goods to you in our multi-chamber tank truck according to your requirements.
You have a large demand and your supplier does not deliver continuously?
We take the delivery in complete trucks / TKW to our warehouse and then deliver the goods to you in our tank containers or general cargo trucks on demand.
You do not have a tank, but the price increase of your supplier from tank truck to smaller containers is too high for you?
We fill the tank trucks into IBCs, barrels or other containers specified by you, store them in our warehouse and send the goods to you on demand. And all this at favourable conditions.
You have many different raw materials but no time to take care of them all or you have too many small suppliers and too little time to take care of them all?
We transparently take over the procurement and storage of your C-articles for you and thus reduce the effort in purchasing as well as in incoming goods, all with complete traceability of every single batch.
You have too many raw materials, some of which are only needed for a few finished products?
We mix several raw materials for you according to your recipes. We can also do this for you in small batches from 500 kg. On request, we can also procure the required raw materials or you can provide them. This way we reduce the number of raw materials to be maintained for you and you can concentrate on your core business.
You would like to have goods filled in small batches, but filling in your plant is not possible?
We fill your products for you in bottles or other small containers from 10 ml up to 1 ltr/kg. Filling in canisters from 2.5 ltr up to 1000 ltr IBC we also do reliably also in small batches. Labelling, repackaging and commissioning we do with pleasure. All according to your specifications and under strictest discretion.
You want to meet certain key figures, but the long delivery times of certain raw materials require a high, expensive stock?
We take over the procurement and storage of your raw materials and agree on a minimum stock level for all raw materials reserved for you, which we always keep in stock for you.
You need hazardous materials, but can only store small quantities?
We can deliver within a very short period of time on request and take back even empty containers.
You do not have sufficient capacity for the distribution logistics of your products?
On request, we can take over the storage, commissioning and dispatch of your products to your customers, with your papers and your labels, according to your specifications. If you want to distribute merchandise with your label: we will gladly take over the neutralization of the goods, make changes to the packaging and organize the transport to your customers.
All this with precisely defined costs and according to your approvals!

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