TMP complex ester VG220, CAS-No.: Gemisch
We are supplier of the product TMP complex ester VG220 to several customers in the chemical and technical industry.

Please note the specification data of TMP complex ester VG220 in the following table.

→ TMP complex ester VG220 safety data sheet PDF (german version)

→ TMP Komplexester ISO VG220 deutsche Version

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Please note:
We do not supply the product
TMP complex ester VG220
to private users!

Product Specification:

Chemical name:
Saturated ISO VG 220
yellow liquid
viscosity 40°C:
ca 200-240 cSt
acid value:
max 1,0 mg KOH / g
max 0,1%
ca 0,96
IBC, drums
saturated synthetic Ester
Product categories:

This data is only for your information purposes and does not imply a guarantee for a certain application.

→ Specification data TMP complex ester VG220 PDF version

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